Epps Ortho K9-5K

June 1, 2024
Dog Illustration


Dog Illustration


What is our event?

Epps Ortho K9-5K, a professionally timed race taking place June 1, 2024. This fundraiser is loved by everyone, from professional runners to supporters cheering at the finish line. Every age and skill level is invited and encouraged to attend. Your friendly and leashed pets are always welcome to partake in the fun.

What makes our race so special?

In 2017, Dr. Epps was looking for a way to increase what he was able to donate to the SPCA. With that idea, the annual K9-5K was founded. We use our money we would have donated and some of our marketing dollars to host the race for ccommunity involvement. This allows our would be donation to be multiplied. 100% of your sign up fees, donations and sponsorships go directly to the non-profit charity!

How can you help?

The Sumter SPCA does NOT receive any city, county, state or federal government funding. Please consider signing up, creating a team, sharing information with family and friends or donating. Sponsorships are also available. All information is shared in the links found on this page.

Where does the money go?

All money raised goes to the Sumter SPCA. Our office does NOT handle any of the funds. Race sign-up payments are processed through Strictly Running (official timing company) and a lump sum check is sent to the Sumter SPCA following the race. Online donations are processed directly through the Sumter SPCA’s website when following the link provided. Sponsorship and donation checks are written to and cashed by the Sumter SPCA. A receipt for tax purposes can be requested as it is a charitable contribution to a 501(c)(3).

Event Transparency?

Listed is a breakdown of what our office spent for last years race. As our race grows so do the expenses. We are proud to cover the costs associated with the race, but don’t want to lose site of our goal…to multiply our would be donation.

$1,100 – Race/bib fees paid to timing company Strictly Running
$1,120 – Mandatory police presence ($140 for each of the 8 police officers)
$1,900 – 200 participant shirts and bags
$500 – Cash prizes for winners in each age category
$400 – Marketing material
$40 – City permit
Free – Event photography
Free – Social media marketing
Free – Swag donated for participant bags from us as well as other businesses
Free – Water bottle donations
Free – Snowcones

This Year’s Fundraising Goal: $12,000